About the blog

I will mostly write on mathematical things. The title Math Salad is a play on the phrase word salad.

For now, there is no comment system. Most math blogs don’t get many comments, so I suspect this won’t really be a problem. You can email me corrections or comments. If a comment you send to me seems appropriate I can add it to the relavant post. Also don’t be afraid to comment critisism, I am glad to try to make things more clear or correct things if necessary.

I am using Jekyll to create the website.

A bit about me

My name is Paul Plummer and I am currently a graduate student in mathematics. It appears my main research interested lies in geometric group theory(GGT), but I am interested in much of mathematics. Lately I have been learning and thinking about mapping class groups of surfaces, curve graphs, arc graphs, etc. graphs and their geometry (Spring 2017).

I came to geometric group theory from a somewhat strange direction: I had an (undergraduate) algebra class where, as an asignment, I had write a paper, I choose to write about the Burnside problems. In finding information for the paper I found Groups Graphs and Trees By John Meier, but also happened to completely miss connections to small cancellation theory. Later I had a topics in set theory course (I almost became a set theorist), and for a project in that class I found small cancellation theory, which introduced me to many aspects of geometric group theory.